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Tree services

We undertake the professional felling of overgrown, endangered or redundant trees, pruning of overgrown foliage, rejuvenation. If necessary, we work with alpine techniques, ropes or use a truck with a lifting basket. We take great care of the environment, buildings and artefacts.

Our most frequently requested services:

Are you worried about dead, old or overgrown trees? Or are the branches reaching far out and endangering structures, cars, wiring and shading your home? Don't hesitate to call us! You can prevent serious storm damage by removing dry, dangerous or overgrown sections!

Removing damaged and diseased parts can significantly extend the life of your trees. Centre of gravity correction can improve the balance of your trees, reducing the risk of them falling over and causing damage in high winds and storms. It may also be necessary to shape larger trees for aesthetic reasons.

We can remove trees and limbs that have fallen after a storm and become dangerous, even on an emergency basis, with a one to two day turnaround.

We can also carry out professional and permanent brush and shrub clearance.

We will also remove the green waste if required.

Tree services in Budapest – available services:

Tree felling, tree removal, tree pruning, tree reducing, canopy shaping, cutting back branches, site clearance, forestry advice, tree care advice, ivy removal, tree surgery, tree pollarding, garden clearance, tree topping, canopy thinning, crown reduction.

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Tree services – our service areas:

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Tree service prices:

We provide individual, detailed quotations for all tree services.